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Interview with Ludovit Goga- the situation of Slovak patriots

You are one of the founders of the Slovak patriotic party Sme Rodina (We are family). Can you tell us about your party, its history, values and activities?


Our political movement “We are a family” is a Slovak political party that was founded in 2015. Its main goal is the protection of traditional values and support of the family. The movement focuses on topics such as the protection of the traditional family, the protection of children’s rights, the protection of traditional values and Christian principles in society. Its history takes into account the emergence as a response to changes in society and culture, which some consider threatening traditional family values. The movement “We are a family” tries to uphold these values and promote them in the political life of Slovakia.


What subjects and projects are you currently working on?


I am currently focusing my political work and developing foreign contacts with parties along the same lines as our Movement We Are Family. We are continuously preparing brochures and presentations on topics that are currently resonating on the political scene and are of interest to our members and sympathizers.


What is the situation of patriots in your country?


Parties that openly advocated the destruction of patriotic values lost both in the parliamentary and presidential elections of 2023 and 2024 Thus it has happened that in Slovakia we no longer obey the European dictate that can be felt from Brussels. Patriotic parties are looking abroad for support in similarly oriented parties.  Our Movement Sme rodina did not lose the elections because of the loss of patriotic and conservative values that it continues to promote but only because of the disgusting anti-campaign and criticism of our chairman Boris Kollar. Patriots in Slovakia continue their efforts to promote the national interests and sovereignty of the country in public discourse, in parliament and through various political initiatives. Their advocacy can be manifested through legislative proposals, public speeches, or through relations with other countries and international organizations. Their efforts can also influence how the political scene in Slovakia develops and how it responds to external influences.


Why did you join the ID Foundation? Why is cooperation between patriots in Europe important?


After joining a political party MENL later Identity and democracy in 2018 I start joining the Identity and democracy foundation. Interesting for me were the political activities of the foundation, as well presentations and support for our political partners and friends. Cooperation between patriots in Europe is important for several reasons. First, it enables the strengthening of citizens’ voice within European institutions and decision-making processes. When patriots unite, they can better assert their interests and values vis-à-vis European institutions. In addition, cooperation enables the sharing of experiences, best practices and solutions between different countries and cultures in Europe. This can lead to the creation of more effective policies and programs that can contribute to a better life for citizens in all EU member states. Finally, cooperation among patriots can help create a sense of European identity and solidarity among people from different countries and cultures in Europe. This can promote peace, stability and prosperity across Europe.

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