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Patriotism in Germany with the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation

The Identity and Democracy Foundation brings together national foundations working with it to spread patriotic ideas in Europe. Today, we take a look at the German Desiderius Erasmus Foundation, which is close to the Alternative for Germany.

Can you tell us about your Foundation, its history, values and activities?

The Desiderius-Erasmus-Foundation was established in 2017. Our mission is the promotion of civic virtues, scientific research and the professional preparation of young talented patriots.

What subjects and projects are you currently working on?

We are organizing more than 60 seminars and events every year all over Germany. All of our activities are funded by private donations, because the German government is denying us the public funds we are entitled to. For this reason, we appealed to the constitutional court which confirmed our right to equal treatment. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. While the German taxpayer is financing the political foundations of our opponents with over 700 million Euro per year, the German government has just passed a new law excluding the Desiderius-Erasmus-Foundation from any public funds.

What is the situation of patriots in your country?

Because of our German history, it is easy for our political opponent to denounce any patriotic movement that wants to promote German interests. Ever since the Second World War, the left has criminalized everything that is not left-wing. German schools, universities, cultural institutions and media outlets are dominated by this leftist rejection of our German identity. It is our mission to change that.

Why did you join the ID Foundation? Why is cooperation between patriots in Europe important?

We believe in European cooperation and joined the ID-Foundation in 2023 to do our share in uniting European patriots around principles and ideas that strengthen our cause. The patriotic movement is gaining momentum in all European countries. We want to join forces with our European partners and work together on laying the intellectual, cultural and professional foundations for a better future of our continent.

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