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Patriotism in Italy with the Machiavelli Center

The Identity and Democracy Foundation brings together national foundations working with it to spread patriotic ideas in Europe. Today, we take a look at the Italian Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, which is close to the Lega.

Can you tell us about your Foundation, its history, values and activities?

The Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies has been established in early 2017, as a conservative think tank promoting policies consistent with traditional values, such as patriotism, liberty, family. The Center works through conferences, policy papers and research papers.

What subjects and projects are you currently working on?

Currently on of our main focus is promoting the culture of defense in Italy. Antimilitarism, pacifism and cosmopolitanism are very widespread in our country, but in the changing international security environment we need a different approach, attentive to the Defense needs, aware of our national interests and of the means necessary to defend them.
Other important topics concern the safeguard of family and childhood against the gender ideology and the preservation of our nation against mass immigration.

What is the situation of patriots in your country?
The current Italian government is led by a party of self-declared “patriots”, Brothers of Italy, in coalition with the League, a party frequently described as “nationalist”. So, we could say the patriotic forces are now governing the country. There are great expectations for positive change in coming years.

Why did you join the ID Foundation? Why is cooperation between patriots in Europe important?

The Foundation is a pillar of cooperation for European patriots and national forces. We joined because we believe that the Foundation can help us to achieve the highest level of cultural political action.

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